Microsoft Dynamics GP - Business Intelligence & Reporting

Management Reporter is used for the creation, distribution and analysis of financial statements. It includes user types that can generate, design and view information that is secured by role, giving people only the information that is important to them.
Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Reports
Leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers over 300 charts, graphs and reports through Reporting Services. The reports can be modified to meet unique needs. New reports can be created easily without a developer.
Microsoft Forecaster
Forecast accurate budgets and gain control of the entire budgeting and planning process. Coordinate plans dynamically and collaborate easily with your management team.
Business Intelligence & Reporting

Availability of on time and accurate reports – a must for  running a successful business

Microsoft Dynamics GP is built on a solid foundation of robust databases which allows for detailed reporting; which in turn drive Business Intelligence-backed management and decision making processes.

Take Control of your business with the power of AccSoft expertise on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Intelligence

  • Find answers and analyze trends. Get the insight you need to run your business at peak performance.
  • Plan for success. Capitalize on trends and predict potential futures.
  • Improve agility. Implement new processes, monitor the results against statistical goals, and adapt business strategies
Gain powerful, role-specific insight with charts and graphs both inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP client and outside through a companion application, plus perform tasks and collaborate with others. View SQL Reporting Services reports and Microsoft Excel charts from one central location, giving you the ability to work with a preferred device and location. Business Analyzer is optimized for tablets powered by Windows 8.1/RT, iOS and Android platforms.
Microsoft Dynamics GP workspace
An Office-365 store application to easily create and securely share executive dashboards showing financial, sales, purchasing and inventory information. Dashboards also enable users to drill back to Microsoft Dynamics GP to analyze specific transactions.