How to create payment methods in Magento and map them with Dynamics GP



Magento is a robust and powerful ecommerce solution. Being the market leader, Magento strives to remain at the top by adapting to the new development in ecommerce sphere. One of the strength of Magento is its ability to interface with a variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, bank transfers etc.


Go to Magento Admin Panel and to Configuration→Sales → Payment Methods. The system will display all the enabled payment methods in your Magento webstore. Select the payment methods that you want to use and configure them. If the payment method that you want to use doesn’t exist in the list, you may need to find the plugins developed by your payment service provider that interface with Magento ecommerce.

Mag Pmt methods



Open the Payment Mapping window to see all the payment methods in Magento  on this screen (see below) before the last time the automatic scheduler has updated the Magento data into GP. If you do not see the payment method that you are looking for , click on ‘Synchronize Default Values’ and ‘Start’. This will bring all the values defined in Magento to GP.

Select the Magento Payment method in the list and use the browse to select the corresponding GP Payment type. This will map the shipping method in Magento with the payment method in GP. You can also mark the create receipt button to generate the cash receipt for selected Payment types.

map pmt methods



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