How to handle customer specific pricing in Magento from Dynamics GP


Customers viewing your webstore have different needs depending on how they will ultimately use your products and/or services. Many of them are the end users of the products; However their puchase can be either personal or business-related. A printer, for example, is bought by a customer for personal, home use. His needs and price range, however, will be different if the printer was for office use. Additionally, a deal on large quantatities of a  product, such as 10 reams of printer paper, may not be as attractive for a personal customer but will be considered a very good deal to someone making a business office-related purchases.

With that in mind, having different price levels and quantity-based discount is a great strategy to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. Magento eCommerce platform allows you to create different price levels and tiers for each specific customer group. In order to benefit from this feature, X2X connect is capable of importing the price level data between the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento

Most organization would not like to create an account for each customer who registers on their webstore, and would opt to only include the larger, commercial customers in their accounting records. To that end, X2X Connect allow for the information for certain customers to be recorded into a generic customer account in Dynamics GP. Thanks to this feature, non-commercial customers can benefit from price levels and quantity breaks as well.

Customer Specific Pricing in Magento

By default Magento create two customer groups which are General for consumers registering at the webstore and NOT LOGGED IN for those who prefer to checkout as Guests. We recommend creating additional customer groups for each Price Level defined in GP which will be used at the webstore; such as Retailers for resellers who will later sell the product to consumers, and Wholesalers who will similarly sell the product to retailers and other intermediaries.

Magento Customer groups


Open the General Mapping window and select the Price Level drop down. You will see all the Customer groups defined in Magento before the last time the automatic scheduler has updated the Magento data into GP. If you don’t see all the groups, click on ‘Synchronize Default Values’ and ‘Start’. This will bring all the values defined in Magento to GP.

Select the Magento Customer Group in the list and browse to select the corresponding GP price level. This will map the customer group  in Magento with the price level in GP

map price level


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