Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations

Customer Management

  • Grant automatic discounts and differential pricing to special customers by using up to four levels of pricing.
  • Reprint electronic receipts to resolve disputes, speed rebates, and verify purchase dates and amounts.
  • Accept multiple tenders such as credit cards, coupons, gift vouchers, foreign currencies, and government stamps.
  • Sell—even when your network is down—using the Terminal Offline feature.
  • Sell and redeem vouchers, gift certificates, and gift cards.
  • Process returns, issue store credit, and process deposits on orders.

Customer Management and Marketing

  • Search by Account Number, Name, Company, Address, Phone/Fax Number, E-mail Address and Ship To Information
  • Define Different Account Types (i.e. Revolving)
  • Set Default Account Type for New Customers
  • Aged Receivables Option
  • Look Up, Adjust and Track Invoices for Specific Customer Accounts
  • Track Purchases By Date, Price and Amount
  • Apply Finance Charges on Accounts
  • Bill Payments for Net Terms
  • Place Limits on Customer Purchases for Given Time Period
  • 15 User-Defined Fields for Customer Information (i.e., Birth-Date, Driver’s License Number, Resale Permit Number)
  • Create Customer Accounts at the POS
  • Define Multiple Shipping Addresses Per Customer
  • Print Customer Statements
  • Reprint Statement for Selected Customer
  • Generate Mailing List
  • Print Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Print Account Activities Report
  • Access and/or Modify Detailed Customer Data Directly from Active Reports