Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization: Add custom Field


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a highly customizable Customer Relationship and marketing automation platform that allows for increased productivity and efficiency when dealing with prospects and existing clients. One of the main advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its extensive level of customization that varies from simply changing the label of a single field, to completely custom developed add-ons that enhances and extend the functionality of system.

It is important to know what level of customization is required to achieve the required task; it is not feasible to heavily invest in a Custom developed, fully-integrated add-on, when a few customized fields and workflows from within CRM can do the job just as well.

In this example that I’m about to show you will demonstrate how to add a simple custom field to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM online environment. I will be adding a “Follow-up date” field to the Lead entity and will change the view to sort by the newly created field.

Before we get started

As we are making irreversible changes to the CRM system, we would need to create a backup of the system as it is now. Customizing the system will not compromise the data itself, however modifications and changes to the forms and fields will be affected. Therefore, it is prudent to export the solution.

Please refer to my earlier blog post about exporting customizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can find it here.

Adding a Custom Field to Leads


Written by Hazem Khairi

Hazem Khairi

Hazem Khairi is a sales associate of AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. He is in marketing and sales campaigns carried out by AccSoft,


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