Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Export Customizations


It’s a good idea to have a backup of your CRM system’s “Solution”. a Solution is a repository of all customizations and modifications to all component within your organization. Components include entities, fields, relationships, forms, reports, processes, and other elements as well.

In order to export customizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you need to export it from under Settings → Customization →Customize the System:

Export Solution button in Customize the System Window in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Export Solution button will allow you to backup your solution

In order to export the solution, all customizations must be published first.

Export Customization window Publish all customizations prompt

You will be prompted to publish all customizations before proceeding.

After that, you will be given the option to also export system settings along with the solution. This will allow the settings to be automatically applied to the system when the solution is later imported.

Export System Settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


And you’re done! The exported solution will appear as a .zip file that can be easily imported to restore previous customizations. This will give you the chance to play around more freely with your Microsoft CRM environment and get to really experience what it has to offer.

With that said, Happy Hunting.


Written by Hazem Khairi

Hazem Khairi

Hazem Khairi is a sales associate of AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. He is in marketing and sales campaigns carried out by AccSoft,


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