Microsoft RMS Store Operations

Pricing, Sales, and Promotions

  • Discount entire sale or selected items at time of sale, including mixed-case discounts.
  • Set up mix/match and “Buy X, Get Y” pricing structures and schedules, including fixed price and percentage discounts.
  • Utilize lot pricing (single, six-pack, case, and more).
  • Assign multiple price levels/customer (price break tables).
  • Set up discounts from retail—including percentage discounts—markups from cost, and discounts by dollar amount.
  • Set profit margin.
  • Assign subtotal amount.

Pricing, Sales, and Promotions related features

  • Set Up Mix and Match Pricing Structure
  • “Buy X, Get Y” Discount Capability
  • Lot Pricing (single, six pack, case, etc.)
  • Gasoline Pricing (to 3 decimal positions)
  • Multiple Price Levels/Customer (price break tables)
  • Discount From Retail
  • Mark Up From Cost
  • Set Profit Margin
  • Discount by Dollar Amount
  • Assign Sub-Total Amount
  • Set Percent of Discount
  • Put Items on Sale/Promotion
  • Set Up Weekly Sales Schedules
  • Multiple Sales Tax (GST, PST, etc.)
  • Multiple Tax Rate Tables (percent, base, cap)
  • Support Euro and Value Added Taxation
  • Define Sales Commission Schedule
  • Return In Local Currency