Microsoft RMS Headquarters (HQ)

Features and Benefits

Inventory Control and Tracking

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters lets you manage and track inventory for individual stores and for your entire chain from one location.
  • Equipped with real-time stock information, you can keep inventory at an optimal level, increase inventory turns, and purchase from the lowest-cost suppliers:
  • Track detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points, and restock levels for each item at each store.
  • Set up a master inventory database and download it to any group of stores.
  • Centralize the Information on item types, departments, categories, suppliers, substitutes, aliases, parent relationships, and much more
  • Promote inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores.
  • Designate selected stores as warehouses where inventory can be received and redistributed.
  • Perform inter-store quantity checks so you can determine the inventory levels at all stores.
  • Upload item costs when cost information changes at the store level.

Purchase Orders

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ helps you identify purchasing needs, record all purchases, and print purchase orders (POs) for all your stores.
  • Generate POs for selected items by quantity sold during a certain period of time or when the inventory level falls below the reorder point
  • Perform inter-store inventory transfers from the warehouse store.
  • Send the POs to each store for individual receiving, or send a combined PO to one location (such as a warehouse) for central receiving and later disbursement.


  • Gain centralized control over item prices chain-wide, by region, or for each store.
  • Put selected items on sale at the stores of your choice.
  • Set up special pricing for items, categories, or departments, both amount and percentage based discounts and then broadcast as desired.
  • Program price changes to take effect immediately or at a specific date and time in the future.

Sales Tracking

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters maintains highly detailed data from every transaction across the chain, giving you a top-down view of what’s selling and where.
  • Maintain detailed information on invoice number; items sold; as-sold prices; tax collected; customer, cashier, and sales rep IDs; and applicable serial number or matrix information.
  • Easily generate detailed sales and profit analysis, sales commission and tax reports.
  • Track special transactions from each store, including work orders, back orders, layaways, and quotes.
  • Compile a comprehensive data collection, which supports data warehousing and OLAP.