Designed specifically for independent merchants, easy to set up and use ,Track and manage inventory efficiently, streamline point-of-sale processes , Integrate and operate with existing systems, Improves productivity and business performance, offer superior customer service, Improve inventory and supplier management, Maximize cash-in per customer , Minimize labor costs, Reduce inventory costs and out-of-stocks, simplify card processing and reduce transaction costs, epand easily and grow with your business, Integrate with other solutions


Microsoft RMS Store Operations(SO)

Key Benefits

Designed specifically for independent merchants

Set up and use easily 

Retail Management System can be set up quickly, tailored to meet specific retail needs, and provides access to expert support and assistance from certified Microsoft Business Solutions partners. Built-in wizards and an intuitive user interface help managers and associates learn point-of-sale procedures in minutes.

Track and manage inventory efficiently

Retail Management System eliminates the need to conduct inefficient, manual stock counts, saving time and reducing employee overhead. You can track and manage items across your business using any inventory method, including services, layaways, work orders, and back orders. Compatible inventory types include standard, serialized, kit, assembly, matrix, lot matrix, voucher, non-inventory, and weighed.

Streamline point-of-sale processes 

With Retail Management System, associates can work with a customizable point-of-sale screen that lets them check prices, availability, and stock location instantly. They’ll be able to access complete customer information, handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout, and quickly create and process returns, backorders, sales quotes, work orders and layaways. Automated processes make it easy to balance multiple tenders efficiently and accurately, helping employees save valuable time.

Integrate and operate with your existing systems

Retail Management System is compatible with Microsoft Windows® operating systems, and supports popular point of sale peripherals including printers, magnetic strip readers, bar code readers, and more.

Improves productivity and business performance

Increase knowledge of operations

Gain full visibility into store operations with daily sales graphs and journals that can be viewed and printed from any register. With Retail Management System, you can preview, search, and print journals by register, batch, and receipt number, as well as close out data accurately. Data can also be shared across multiple store locations to give you different views of your business.

Make fast, informed decisions

Access and analyze data across your entire business using powerful reporting and communications functionality. Drawing from detailed, current information, you can identify sales trends in every department, category, and season; evaluate operations and financials; track the return on investment of advertising and sales campaigns; set and monitor business policies across stores; and much more.

Offer superior customer service

Retail Management System equips your staff to respond quickly to customer needs, making it easier for you to turn a single purchase into a lasting and profitable customer relationship. Associates can expedite checkouts quickly, target customer preferences to offer up-sells and cross-sells, and implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers. Customers receive the efficient, personalized service that builds their loyalty and boosts your revenues.

Improve inventory and supplier management

Replenish top-selling items efficiently and negotiate consistently lower purchasing costs by tracking item movement and vendor histories. You can also extend purchasing and fulfillment processes to the web through e-fulfillment services.

Maximize cash-in per customer 

Use Retail Management System to make the most of every transaction: target customer preferences to suggest up-sells and cross-sells, and advertise other products at point of sale with onscreen graphical displays. Expand your customer reach and increase revenues with multi-channel marketing, catalog sales, and phone orders.

Minimize labor costs

Easy to learn and use, Retail Management System helps ensure managers and associates get up to speed quickly. Comprehensive functionality and shared data systems reduce the need to re-enter information, freeing your staff to focus on managing and selling more effectively. And with full visibility into business information, you’ll know when to staff up or cut back, and which associates bring in the highest revenues.

Reduce inventory costs and out-of-stocks

Maintain tight control over inventory with automatically generated purchase orders and stock levels. Centralized purchasing and in-store transfers enable you to replenish items efficiently and cost-effectively. Visibility into supplier histories makes it easy to select vendors who offer the best service and the lowest prices.

Simplify card processing and reduce transaction costs

Retail Management System helps provide quick access to authorizations and makes it easier to capture electronic signatures. Electronic Data Capture can accelerate card transactions by up to 600 percent. Through a partnership with Citibank Merchant Services, Retail Management System also offers integrated card processing that includes substantial discounts on services and eliminates the need for additional card terminals. There are no charges for application, conversion enrollment setup, or cancellation with this offer.

Expand easily and grow with your business

Ready to open a new store? With Retail Management System, you can protect your investment and keep the same software and systems as your business grows into multiple stores and retail channels. As you add customers and products to your system, flexible Microsoft SQL Server™ technologies let you store and manage virtually unlimited amounts of information.

Integrate with other solutions


Retail Management System integrates easily with a number of popular business applications, including Microsoft Business Solutions Financials, Microsoft Small Business Manager, third-party applications, and others. You can also integrate Retail Management System with PDA, mobile, and other wireless solutions. 

Invest in your business, not in IT support

Retail Management System does not require an extensive IT staff to set up and maintain, and adapts easily to meet specific retail needs. As your business changes and grows, your Microsoft Business Solutions partners can provide support and assistance with customizing, integrating, and scaling your solution.

Count on Microsoft

With Retail Management System, you can begin a long-lasting relationship backed by one of the world’s leading technology providers. Microsoft Business Solutions is a family of connected applications and services for small and mid-sized businesses, with years of experience delivering business applications and services known worldwide for top quality.