How to setup customer specific pricing in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

How to setup customer specific pricing in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Apart from standard item pricing, Microsoft Dynamics RMS allows to define three additional price level for each item namely Price Level A, B and C. Using these additional price fields you can setup customer specific pricing by assigning your customer to any of the price level.

For example for Item # 15110 the standard price is $ 10.00, Price Level A is $ 9.00, Price Level B is $ 8.00 and Price Level C is $ 6.00. You assigned your customer David to Price Level C, whenever you sell Item# 0001 to David the system will charge $ 6.00, as Price Level C is assigned to David

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Written by Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani (MBA, CMA (AP), MCTS) is a Financial Business Analyst at AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. He is currently living in Toronto, Ontario.


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