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Since 2000, AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. has been offering cutting-edge accounting and business software solutions. We  help organizations transform their visions into realities through a combination of the latest business methodologies and technological tools. The business value offered by AccSoft Business Solutions has a deep scale. It  is industry focused, and is technology driven with  world-class delivery capability. We help to transform the businesses of clients who want to be leaders in their industry.

 AccSoft also provides ERP implementation services to its clients across the region. We have forged strong alliances with leading providers of enterprise-wide applications. Our strong in-house capabilities and alliance with Microsoft Dynamics  enables us to leverage on a vast pool of product knowledge, tools and human resources.

 AccSoft has performed more than 100 projects in over more than a decade in North America which include:

  • ERP implementations,
  • Retail Management Solutions,
  • Business Process Re-engineering,
  • IT strategy,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Custom Solutions development;  and
  • development of interfaces.

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Accsoft Advantage

Multilevel Expertise

Accsoft consultants bring to the table both a thorough expertise in software and applications and an in depth knowledge of business and accounting practices. This allows for a comprehensive approach to restructuring your business procedures, through streamlining of your business operations, the selection of the software package best suited to your needs and maximizing the business advantage from your technological investment.

Choice & Customization

AccSoft offers a range of software packages from different vendors to suit your unique requirements. After selecting the most appropriate software, we help you customize the software as necessary, including designing screens and reports, developing add-on programs and integrating with existing systems.

Business Understanding

AccSoft’s approach involves understanding your industry and business processes in order to create the best solution. Our years of implementation experience across various industries has equipped us to quickly gain an insight into your business so we can recommend ways to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

End-to-end Solutions

AccSoft offers a complete range of services, starting from business requirement analysis, software sales, implementation, customization, and finally going on to provide training and ongoing support. This single-vendor approach helps you reduce complexity and administrative overheads and costs while ensuring that you get the best service.

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