Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions

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Custom Software Solutions

AccSoft has gained tremendous experience and insight by working alongside a variety of companies of different sizes and industries. Throughout the years, we have developed and further enhanced our own Custom add-ons and integrated solutions in order to help you reap the benefits of our accumulated expertise and know-how.

Custom software solutions developed with Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Central disbursement program for a company with 140 locations and over 100 GP databases to allow each location to remotely logon and enter AP invoices, allot and enforce limits on the amount per vendor and per cheque, print cheques for around 140 banks on same check stock, restrict allocation of expenses to pre-defined account to each vendor, allow HO accounting team to override account numbers and limits. Also allows post dated payments and non cheque disbursements.
  • Custom Purchasing program for one of the largest steel fabrication company in Canada. Allows the complete process from requisition to PO, PO approval and receiving. Allow approval limits and sending all the request and approval though emails, seamless interface with GP
  • Recipe Program that allows setting up recipes.  allowing conversion from weight to volume for raw materials with different viscosity, allow setting up BOM  in weight or volume irrespective of what unit is used for purchasing, create quick quote based on the recipe, change the ingredients (add more fruit in jam) and get costing instantly, calculate the impact of the change in the prices of a raw material on the costs (for example impact of a 10% increase in sugar cost on different items).
  • Elite Shipping program – allows consolidation of different orders in a truck load, allows printing of documents required to be presented at the border
  • Extended Packing Slips – allow shipment of order by scanning and print packing slip for each carton
  • Others – there are many other small and large customization was done to meet the needs of different clients. Please let us know what challenges you are facing and we will be able to help you.

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Please feel free to contact us and let us help you automate your business process. As always, we do not charge for initial consultation and you are under no obligation to buy

Accsoft Advantage

Multilevel Expertise

Accsoft consultants bring to the table both a thorough expertise in software and applications and an in depth knowledge of business and accounting practices. This allows for a comprehensive approach to restructuring your business procedures, through streamlining of your business operations, the selection of the software package best suited to your needs and maximizing the business advantage from your technological investment.

Choice & Customization

AccSoft offers a range of software packages from different vendors to suit your unique requirements. After selecting the most appropriate software, we help you customize the software as necessary, including designing screens and reports, developing add-on programs and integrating with existing systems.

Business Understanding

AccSoft’s approach involves understanding your industry and business processes in order to create the best solution. Our years of implementation experience across various industries has equipped us to quickly gain an insight into your business so we can recommend ways to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

End-to-end Solutions

AccSoft offers a complete range of services, starting from business requirement analysis, software sales, implementation, customization, and finally going on to provide training and ongoing support. This single-vendor approach helps you reduce complexity and administrative overheads and costs while ensuring that you get the best service.

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