Why your ERP driving your Ecommerce webstore make sense


Managing ecommerce webstore from ERP like Dynamics GP

Running an eCommerce webstore is a full time job. Organization have to dedicate a portion of, or oftentimes the full workload of an employee or department on maintaining the eCommerce site. Online shopping is quickly becoming the only interaction your company may have with a large portion of your customer base; therefore, maintaining your eCommerce website is a critical step in staying competitive in today’s market. The person maintain the company’s webstore has to do some of these repetitive task on a daily basis:

Master Data for the ecommerce webstore
  • Add new  items to the webstore and remove the discontinued ones
  • Upload/enter the different price levels
  • Mark the out of stock items as out of stock or  inactive so that customer do not end up placing the orders
  • Update the prices of the items as and when it changes
  • Create B2B Customers, assign them credit limits, price levels and define their addresses
Transactional Data from the ecommerce webstore
  • Download orders from the ecommerce site and enter them in ERP system
  • Enter the shipping charges and tax amount with the order
  • Enter the shipping information and shipping charges calculated in ERP
  • Update shipping information on the webstore
  • update invoicing information on the webstore

If the company owns a good ERP system which is capable of handling inventory, sales orders and shipments, all these tasks can be automated. Automating these tasks not only reduce the duplication of effort that is required to manage your webstore but it also reduce if not totally remove the chances of data entry errors and omission. There are a few ways in which you can integrate your ERP with your eCommerce webstore:

  1. Use the Ecommerce solution developed specifically for the ERP solution that you use
  2. Use a middleware that bridges your ERP solution with mainstream Ecommerce solutions available in the market.

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Written by Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani (MBA, CMA (AP), MCTS) is a Financial Business Analyst at AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. He is currently living in Toronto, Ontario.


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