What features should you look for in a POS system?


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What features should you look for in a POS system?

When a retail store grows beyond the basic needs of just checking out and needs to progress to a better system that can respond to customer demands and manage inventory and pricing, it is time to move from a cash register to a Point of Sales (POS) system.

Retailers with knowledge of the benefits of the POS system, start directly with a dependable and powerful point of sales solution, rather than with a cash register.

There are a few things that you must consider when considering which POS solution is best suited for your business, including:

Inventory and purchasing management

  •  Track and manage inventory.
  • Inventory replenishment and PO creation
  • Handling multiple inventory types like standard, kit, lot, matrix inventories
  • Handling unlimited number of items and pack sizes
  • Supporting multiple vendors for the same item, their prices and lead time

Find more detailed information about inventory and purchasing management at:

 Transaction processing

  •  Speed, especially for high traffic business like grocery stores
  • Ability to access item prices, promotions, discounts, quantity discounts etc.
  • Handle multiple tax rates and currencies
  • Ability to put a transaction on hold and recall
  • Ability recall transactions for returns
  • Offering customer specific prices and discounts

Find more detailed information about transaction processing at:

 Payment card processing

  •  Ability to connect POS directly to service providers
  • Connect to the service providers through the internet directly from POS terminal
  • Ability to process multiple type of cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover etc.

Find more detailed information about credit card processing at:

  Sales and Promotions

  •  Ability to discount individual items or whole transactions
  • Multiple discount types like Buy X, get Y free, mix and match, price schedule etc.
  • Assign customer specific price levels
  • Loyalty programs
  • Automatic enable/disable discounts on predefined date and time

Find more detailed information about sales and promotion at:

 Customer Management

  •  Setting up customer specific pricing and discounts
  • Ability to reprint invoices and recall transactions for return
  • Setup customer information, family members and important dates
  • Send promotions to customer based on their birthday/anniversary dates
  • Sending customer statements and generating customer emails
  • Provide revolving credit facility to the customers

Find more detailed information about customer management at:


  •  Instant access to purchasing, payment and account information
  • Remind customers who forget items they normally purchase
  • Use customer data to help create mailings targeted directly to customers’ special interests.
  • Broadcast Net Display Channels to customers waiting in line, including pre-selected websites, web pages, and ads.

Find more detailed information about marketing at:


  •  Extensive and relevant reporting
  • Customizable reports
  • Form customization to put logos, addresses and other information on invoices, POs etc.
  • Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats.
  • Filter, hide, sort, and group data the way you want.

Find more detailed information about reporting at:


About AccSoft Business Solutions:

AccSoft provides POS software, hardware and setup for single and multi-store retailers. If you are looking for any help with your POS, please feel free to reach us at the contact information below:

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