Why X2X Connect is not just another ERP-Ecommerce connector


There are many connectors and bridges in the market that connect different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems with eCommerce solutions. However, their major shortcoming is the limited mapping capabilities of these solutions.

ERP and eCommerce solutions are by nature different in terms of objective, needs, and processes. As such, the two types of solutions will have some compatible aspects, and at the same time, many different and contrasting areas.

X2X connect for Dynamics GP is an eCommerce connector that enhances the functionality of Dynamics GP to fulfil the requirements of ecommerce solutions in general and Magento in particular. This is done by adding more features to GP enabling it to meet the requirements of Magento Ecommerce solution.

Add on to Dynamics GP

X2X Connect works like just any other GP module. It has been written in Dexterity, the language in which Microsoft Dynamics GP was written and is installed as a module in GP. Being the native to Dynamics GP, X2X Connect ecommerce module for GP work and behaves like GP.

Adding functionality to GP

X2X Connect ecommerce module allows user to maintain additional information about inventory items and customers not available by default in GP. In addition it also allows creating new entities not available in GP but are required for the ecommerce solution.

For example, X2X connect ecommerce module allows users to create unlimited Catalog and sub-catalog; and to assign items to one or more Catalogs or sub-catalogs. It also allows user to define the ecommerce related information to the inventory items. These includes information like webstore item type, website ID, meta keywords, meta tags and meta description, product attributes and attribute sets and much more.

During the setup process, X2X Connect allows you to define various parameters like the GP Batch Number, GP SOP ID, Order Number sequence, Customer creating logic, Customer number sequence and much more…

X2X Connect also allows you to map the shipping, taxes, payment methods and attributes from Magento ecommerce to shipping methods, tax details, payment types and categories in GP.


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Written by Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani

Aamir Sakrani (MBA, CMA (AP), MCTS) is a Financial Business Analyst at AccSoft Business Solutions Inc. He is currently living in Toronto, Ontario.


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